Re: [gtkmm] Gnome::UI::FileEntry ctor core dumps in libgnomeuimm-1.3.13

On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 06:38, Vladislav Grinchenko wrote:
> Hi,
> I downloaded and installed libgnomeuimm-1.3.13. It fixed the toolbar
> maddness. Thanks for that!

Please use gnomemm-list gnome org for gnomemm discussion.

> With 1.3.13, suddenly a new problem popped up: this time it is
> Gnome::UI::FileEntry:
> Gnome::UI::FileEntry*   m_path_entry;
> m_path_entry = manage (
> 	new Gnome::UI::FileEntry ("PathSel", 
> 				 "Select Project Path"));
> This dies in FileEntry's constructor when constructing HBox in
> 	Gtk::HBox(GTK_HBOX(g_object_new(get_type(),0)))

FileEntry should inherit from VBox instead of HBox. I've fixed it in
cvs. Could you test it please?

> I compared relevant code for 1.3.12 and 1.3.13 and couldn't see any
> differences.

I'm surprised that it ever worked. It has not changed recently:

Murray Cumming
murray usa net

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