[gtkmm] 2.2.0 soon and 2.4 plans

We expect to release gtkmm 2.2.0 soon, so please speak up if you think
we've missed anything. We won't do any more API additions, and certainly
no API breakage within the 2.2 phase.

Soon after 2.2.0 we will start the 2.4 branch (actually it will probably
be a separate cvs module), which should go stable when GTK+ 2.4 goes
stable, approximately 9 months from now.

2.4 will break API, but probably not as much as 1.2->2.0. Among other
things, we will fix the API issues linked from the bugs page:

For 2.4 we will split glibmm off into a separate library, because lots
of non-GUI projects want to use it. There has been some interest in
atkmm as a separate library but not enough to justify splitting it off

If libsigc++ 2.0 is ready and suitable then we will use it. libsigc++
seems to be becoming more like the boost signals stuff, but boost is
just a testing library that can not be a dependency, so we couldn't use
its stuff until it becomes part of the real C++ standard library.

2.4 will include the API additions to GTK+ 2.4. These are expected to
include improved Menu, Toolbar, and Combo APIs. We will probably
deprecate or remove the old APIs.

The 2.4 branch will not get much attention for the next 2 or 3 months,
so stale gtkmm 2.2.x will be actively maintained. There will be no
further gtkmm 2.0.x releases. 

Murray Cumming
murray usa net

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