[gtkmm] Re: [sigc] Doing a 'catch-code' library for the propesed functionality cuts in SigC++

Brett Viren <bv bnl gov> writes:

> Sounds good to me. 
> One thing I would hope for is that libsigcx could be distributed with
> and (with a configure time option) built along with libsigc++ proper.
You mean sigcx should be included in the sigc tarball? I doubt Murray
will be in favor of that.

BTW: Maybe you could quote not in TOFU style. Thx.

> Andreas Rottmann writes:
>  > Hi!
>  > 
>  > Due to the recent discussion of cutting down functionality of SigC++,
>  > I'd like to push the creation of the already mentioned SigC-extras
>  > library. Since I have already started a library that originated in the
>  > idea of extending libsigc++, suprisingly called libSigCX ;-) which is
>  > part of my Yehia project (ucxx.sf.net), I'd like to propose the
>  > following:
>  > 

Regards, Andy
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