[gtkmm] Doing a 'catch-code' library for the propesed functionality cuts in SigC++


Due to the recent discussion of cutting down functionality of SigC++,
I'd like to push the creation of the already mentioned SigC-extras
library. Since I have already started a library that originated in the
idea of extending libsigc++, suprisingly called libSigCX ;-) which is
part of my Yehia project (ucxx.sf.net), I'd like to propose the

1. Create a new SF project, called libsigcx

2. Create a build infrastructure for the project in CVS

3. Discuss what parts of my libSigCX should go into the new project
   (hopefully all ;-)

4. See what murray really throws out of libsigc++ and put in the new

5. Document the added stuff (note that my libSigCX is already
   documented, at least in part)

I volunteer maintaining this project and do 1. and 2. right now, if I
get positive feedback. Furthermore, I hereby would like start
discussion on 3. Here is a cut from


    * A full threading API, including classes for threads, semaphores,
      mutual exclusions and thread-private data.

    * A dispatcher class that provides an abstraction of a event loop
      and a stand-alone as well as a GTK+ based implementation.

    * A fully SigC++ compatible way of invoking slots in other
      threads, including creating proxy slots that will invoke the
      original slot in another thread.

Regards, Andy
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