RE: [gtkmm] gtkmm and vc++6

At 07:10 PM 7/18/2002 -0700, John Burris wrote:
Yes, I have tried.  However, I can't get libsigc++ 1.2 to compile and run
all tests successfully.  I tried this with both vc++6 and .NET, with no luck
;-{ .  I have given up on this because I don't have enough template
knowledge to create a patch and make this work.

Still the "partial template specialization" problem (not suported by Visual C++.Net and earlier versions) !

I'm now going to try the
Intel 6.0 compiler.  I suspect this will work fine because the Intel
compiler supports all of the ANSI c++ template stuff required by libsigc++.
It will be a few weeks before I can get my hands on the Intel complier.
I'll let you know how it goes and submit a patch if it

I think we should concentrate on a few (2 or 3) commonly used compilers instead. Gtkmm compiles fine (even though it's not straightforward "yet") with mingw32, which is the compiler used by the main author of gtk+ port on win32 Let's find a way to make it compile with Visual C++ 6 and 7 (I'll try to find a copy). Murray, maybe it's time to create a new bugzilla topic or to reopen the "gtkmm should compile (and run) on Windows" one ?

As a side note, I have no problem with gtk+ 2.0 on windows.  There have been
a few quirks, but nothing I couldn't figure out and fix or work around.  I
even have gnomecanvas working which make be very happy.

That's the reason why Gtk was written in C instead of C++. Cross-platform portability is much easier than to handle this C++ compilers mess.


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