Re: [[gtkmm] Destroying container problem]

Jarek Dukat wrote:

> It sounds exacly like my problems with app's GUI when I used g++-2.95 to
> compile it. It crashed from time to time, sometimes it was enough to
> change order of members in a class, sometimes I had to use pointers
> instead of member objects and finally I changed compiler to g++-3.1 and
> all problems disappeared. Daniel promised to check this but I suppose he
> has no time for that. Please check your code with 3.1. If it solves your
> problems it will be a confirmation of problems that I reported some time
> ago and it will mean big troubles for Gtkmm maintainers.
> If don't have g++3.1 send me your crashing code (but please make it as
> small as possible) and I'll test it with 3.1.
> When I was searching for the bug it was enough to remove one widget and
> the problem disappeared. I'm affraid you won't find that bug if it is
> the same problem that I faced.
> > One more question: is there any relation with g++ version I am using? (It is 2.96)
> Let's hope it is not compiler-related :)

I thought my first attempt should be on the list 2 hours prior to your answer, so,
sending it again:

When I've rebuilt everything with g++-3.1 problems disappeared.

Guess, people should be careful using old g++ version, heh.

thanks to all

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