Re: [[gtkmm] Destroying container problem]

Murray Cumming wrote:

> "Andrew E. Makeev" <andrew solvo ru> wrote:
> > I had Segfault signal on application exit.
> > Problem occured in dynamic_cast<> call in following fragment of
> > gtkmm/ module:
> > ..
> > void Container_Class::remove_callback(GtkContainer* self, GtkWidget* p0)
> Please add a complete, simple, compileable example to bugzilla. I solved a
> similar problem recently, but then we made some major changes to this stuff
> and maybe we've broken it again.

Unfortunatelly, I couldn't reproduce this one with small example...
Staring to guess again, I made something wrong in my original app. It's not so
big to explore, but I don't think it's a good idea to waste your time on
fixing my code :), is it?


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