Re: [gtkmm] The TreeView blues..

Am Mit, 2002-12-04 um 14.04 schrieb Kjell Irgens:
> > Please don't try to hack around the accessibility efforts.
> I would not need hack around anything if the TreeView had an option to allow
> selection of rows that are not currently visible.  This was the way the old
> 1.2 Tree class worked if I remember correctly.

Erm -- frankly, you completely missed the point.  This option doesn't
exist for a good reason: it's an accessibility _feature_.

> > Unfortunately you didn't tell us what 'selected' means in your program. 
> > Would it be OK for you to use a Gtk::CellRendererToggle to indicate that
> > state (and perhaps even switch to single selection mode)?
> OK, this will be a bit out of context but:
> This program is used to distribute data downloaded from a satellite to the
> customer.  There will be a set of maybe 20 files for each satellite pass.  
> Normally the customer is interested in a perticular selection of files.
> I want the user to be able to easily select the default set of files or
> all files for the passes, but also to have the option to expand the row
> representing the pass and select and unselect files in there manually.
> Yes, I could add a toggle column, but this is less visual and I loose the
> ability to e.g. shift select.

If you really need to make it more visual you could still set
color/font/whatever based on a boolean value in the model.  Besides,
hidden selected rows weren't very "visual" either...

> It seems I end up with the solution that if the user unexpand a row, I will
> unselect the pass row too.  Not quite what I wanted, but good enough.

Hmm, seems weird (though a lot better than hidden selections). 
Admittedly I don't know enough about your application to tell whether
it's reasonable or not.  But please do at least consider my points, it
can't hurt.


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