Re: [gtkmm] Talk about a major rewrite

> I saw you're mail, but I thought it is a separate idea. You're funny if
> you really think that your idea could replace current ListStore/TreeView's
> functionality. I don't say that current design is perfect, but it is as
> good as we could do it without rewriting Gtk's containers and view from
> scratch. If you're so briliant coder and have so many free time then just
> to it and I'm sure Murray will happily add it as a part of Gtkmm
> extensions.

People are saying that some points of the Gtkmm "aren't so good", and
the TreeView popped up in some mail.. I'm starting to use them to do a
program, and as so i didn't like the design very much, so i gave an idea
of how i think that the ListStore, in this case, would be better... As I
can see from your answer new ideas aren't very well received, in fact
you sent some cynical answer.. No problem, won't give any advise again..


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