[gtkmm] Do the TextBuffer operations really modify the iterators?

Lots of TextBuffer operations have signatures like this:

  void delete_text(iterator& start, iterator& end);

Do these really return something in start/end? It's very inconvenient that
I can't just write
    buffer->delete_text (buffer->begin (), buffer->end ());

text.cc: In member function `void Guikachu::GUI::PropertyEditors::TextArea::update()':
text.cc:56: no matching function for call to `Gtk::TextBuffer::delete_text(Gtk::TextIter, Gtk::TextIter)'
/home/cactus/prog/gnome/gnome2/sandbox/include/gtkmm-2.0/gtkmm/textbuffer.h:171: candidates are: void Gtk::TextBuffer::delete_text(Gtk::TextIter&, Gtk::TextIter&)

If the signature was

  void delete_text (const iterator &begin, const iterator &end);

it would work. So the real question is -- is this all deliberate (i.e.
is begin/end modified to some meaningful value when the methods return)
or just a typo?

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