RE: [gtkmm] Talk about a major rewrite

You're wrong! New ideas are well received
but sometimes people do abuse.

Gtkmm project still exists thanks to Murray,
Daniel and a couple of other guys. Just look
at developers page for the full list.

They have to build a C++ Wrapper to an API
that tries to emulate OOP in C with some
wacky semantics.

Many C++ that learn about gtkmm come to
this mailing list and say 'I think that
feature X should be done like this...'.
But they haven't contributed to the project,
don't expect to contribute and want the gtkmm
developers just accept blindly their 'I know
better how wrap Gtk+ than you' attitude.

Do you want to be taken serious ? Contribute
to gtkmm. Write an article, provide a patch,
find bugs in the documentation, help people
on the mailing list, whatever.

Paulo Pinto

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> > I saw you're mail, but I thought it is a separate idea.
> You're funny if
> > you really think that your idea could replace current
> ListStore/TreeView's
> > functionality. I don't say that current design is perfect,
> but it is as
> > good as we could do it without rewriting Gtk's containers
> and view from
> > scratch. If you're so briliant coder and have so many free
> time then just
> > to it and I'm sure Murray will happily add it as a part of Gtkmm
> > extensions.
> People are saying that some points of the Gtkmm "aren't so good", and
> the TreeView popped up in some mail.. I'm starting to use them to do a
> program, and as so i didn't like the design very much, so i
> gave an idea
> of how i think that the ListStore, in this case, would be
> better... As I
> can see from your answer new ideas aren't very well received, in fact
> you sent some cynical answer.. No problem, won't give any
> advise again..
> Afonso
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