Re: [GtkGLExt] My GtkGLExt updates and request to take maintainership

On 10/14/2009 12:17 AM, Braden McDaniel wrote:

We've actually been trying to migrate the project to for more
than a year. This has been a bit of a fiasco. Some of the delays in
responsiveness were on our end; but most of them weren't. Things petered
out some months ago after repeated attempts to get Ralf Corsepius a account were met with no response. Assuming Ralf wishes to
remain attached to this project

I do. However, the way processed our attempt to move the project to has caused my interest in further pursuing a mover of gtkglext to to a minimum.

and assuming the idea of moving to isn't met with complete derision by the current comaintainers,
that is the first problem that would need solving.
I regret having to say so, but provided the way processed our attempt to move the project to, I am not sure further pursuing a mover of gtkglext to is a good idea.

For my part, I see migration to as something of an
inevitability because I see this project's future (if it has one at all)
as including absorption into GTK+ proper in some form. I think moving to raises this project's visibility among GNOME developers and
hopefully facilitates realization of that future.
Well, only if changes their attitude. Otherwise gtkglext is likely better off staying with sourceforge or with moving to another site.

So I'm the easy sell. But you may need to convince folks here that a
move to won't make administrative tasks completely impossible.
Because, frankly, that's how it looks to us right now.


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