Re: [GtkGLExt] Module proposal: GtkGLExt for GNOME 2.22 (fwd)

Eric Jonas a écrit :
I have to disagree with you. By integrating it to Gnome, it will "lock" it to the Gnome desktop in the mind of many people. If they are not using Gnome, they would tend to think that the OpenGL extension is only available on (or working with) a proper installation of Gnome desktop.

I disagree that this would be a major problem; most of the users I
interact with are aware that software labeled as "gnome" does not
require one to use the whole gnome ball of wax. Even the gtk mailing
list archives and bugtracker are hosted on
I am sure that the user you interact with are more geeky than the average person. ;-)
Moreso, by having it be a Gnome module, it might increase the widespread
adoption of the extension.
One could even more say that from integrating it to GTK+
Finally, holy crap people, it's currently _unmaintained_. If we don't
let -someone- pick it up, it'll suffer bitrot. The c++ wrapper I use
(gtkglextmm) already appears to be missing from the latest ubuntu

Please watch your language! Your are in a public place here.

It has been maintained by a "missed in action" person for a few years before Timothy Shead took back the whole project. It survived well and I am sure someone will take over this task really soon.

There are still some issues concerning the "packaging" process but the core of gtkglext can be kept almost "as-is". The wrappers have to be updated. As for the Python wrapper, I have been invovlved in providing the Windows binary distribution for more than a year now.
I don't understand what prevent us from integrating OpenGL support directly to GTK.

I heard rumors that gtk+ was having maintainer issues, and are already
pretty hosed. On top of that, there's this bug:
Yes, I am aware of it for about a year now. As for the rumors about GTK+, I don't know them and I don't take rumors into account in my decision process.
Towards the end, they decided they didn't really care for the gtkglext
design, and someone had offered to pursue gldrawarea. It then appears to
have been dropped on the floor.
My personal feeling about gldrawarea is that it is too restrictive. That's why gtkglext was so popular. It would be a pity to put gldrawarea as the OpenGL extension in GTK+ rather than gtkglext. The reason they didn't care is maybe because they are too busy with other parts of GTK ? Wherever gtkglext will be integrated (or not), a specific maintainer will still be needed.



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