Re: [GtkGLExt] gtkglext-1.0.6 not yet updated to work with gtk+-2.8.x

Am Sonntag, den 18.12.2005, 22:55 +0100 schrieb Tobias Eberle:

> I found:

	I think if we continue to fail in trying to contact Naofumi, we should
get in contact with the gtk+ maintainers and offer our help in bringing
GtkGlExt into gtk+ itself. That's a longer term goal.

	For the short term, it would be good if we could somehow gain CVS
write-access to in order to maintain/fix those little
quirks gtkglext currently has with more recent version of gtk+ and

	Though I still hope that Naofumi will recognize our "outcry" :) and see
that there's still interest in the project. After all it's mainly
his/her (I honestly have no clue if Naofumi is a name for a man or a
woman) project.

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards...


Mirco "MacSlow" M�<macslow bangang de>

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