[GtkGLExt] gtkglext-1.0.6 not yet updated to work with gtk+-2.8.x

Greetings everybody!

	I just found out that gtkglext-1.0.6 doesn't link if used alongside gtk
+-2.8.x (e.g. all versions of Gnome > 2.10 use it). It is all due to
these calls:


used in file:


	Those calls are already marked as "deprecated" in the API-manuals of
gtk+-2.6.x (e.g. utilized in Gnome 2.10.x) because they all belong to
the "Deprecated X font backend". In gtk+-2.8.x they were obviously

	A quick (and very hackish) fix is to just comment those calls, but
that's of course no proper solution. Is there anybody who patched this
already or is working to do so? Sadly the CVS-repository of gtkglext
hasn't seen any activity in the last 21 months. I have some code in
place that might act as a starting point for an updated font-rending in
gtkglext. Take a look at the supplied screenshot in the attachment. At
the moment it offers the use of pango's markup, unicode, use of truetype
fonts, font-coloring via glColor3/4f() and affine transformations (the
text is rendered into a texture).

Best regards...


Mirco "MacSlow" M�<macslow bangang de>

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