Re: [gtk-vnc-devel] [Q] gvncviewer with gthread

Hi Atsushi,

Atsushi SAKAI wrote:
Hi, Anthony

I have a question about Authenication window in sample program gvncviewer with gthread.

If I select --with-coroutine=ucontext,
Authenication window appeared.

But If I select --with-coroutine=gthread,
Authenication window appeared but just white blank.

Is there any reason exists?

It looks like it's an issue with gtk_dialog_run(). This function enters a recursive main loop which is a generally unsafe thing to do in gtk. It's unfortunately really that it does this.

It may be that we need to issue signals from the system coroutine instead of the vnc coroutine. The vnc coroutine is running a separate thread and I'm pretty sure that will confuse gtk greatly. I'll look into it.


Anthony Liguori

Of course, in gthread case, I can log on with password in command line.

This is occured from CSet 94(Just from import --with-coroutine).

Atsushi SAKAI

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