Re: Adding Glib::IO to the released modules

Hi Emmanuele!

On 20.06.2017 12:35, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
We discussed this some time ago on the list. But I think, there was nobody, who could maintain the 
Glib::IO module. Jeremy Volkening and I worked a little bit on the module. But we had not enough time to 
make it release-ready. And in my case, I don't have the competence to really maintain such a complex 

It's been a while since I maintained a Perl module, but I'd be happy
to work on it.

Please feel free to go ahead then.  For a first release, I think the
documentation placeholders ("XXX" in README and lib/Glib/ should
be handled.  When you do this, please also update all the copyright and
author statements, as you will have written most of the module by then. :-)

Maybe Brian can be coaxed to handle the actual CPAN and SourceForge
release process?

A separate question is whether Gtk3 should automatically load Glib::IO,
which pulls in the rather large GIO API.  On my machine, adding "use
Glib::IO" to Gtk3 increases the load time from roughly 0.068 s to 0.084
s (measured with "dumbbench -- perl -MGtk3 -e0"), i.e., a slow-down of
about 24 %.  Is this significant enough to warrant the inconvenience of
having to manually load Glib::IO when needed?


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