Adding Glib::IO to the released modules

Hi all;

would it be possible to make a release of Glib::IO? Right now, it's
basically impossible to write idiomatic Gtk3 code — i.e. using
GtkApplication and GtkApplicationWindow — because you need to install
Glib::IO from Git, as opposed of CPAN; additionally, Linux
distribution won't package the module unless it has a release. This
makes the Perl bindings less featureful and integrated with the rest
of the GNOME platform.

I know that Glib::IO is very much experimental, but at this point all
it needs is an updated POD blurb and a simple tarball. There's also
the argument that until it gets a release, we won't see any actual
user, and thus no bug reports nor patches.


[@] ebassi []

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