Re: Patch for Gtk3

On 28.05.2016 07:44, Maximilian Lika wrote:
To which mailing list? Here? And how can I submit a patch to the mailing
list? I give a try :-) 
Enclosed you find the patched file.

Sending patch files is fine, preferably in "diff -u" or "git
format-patch" format.  Sending the whole new file is not necessary.

The output of the command diff ./ ./ is here:

<   my ($dialog, $id) = @_;
<   return ($dialog, $_GTK_RESPONSE_ID_TO_NICK->($id));
  my ($dialog, $id, $userdata) = @_;
  return ($dialog, $_GTK_RESPONSE_ID_TO_NICK->($id), $userdata);

This looks fine to me, but you can be bothered to also update the unit
tests to ensure this does not get broken again?  Good places would be
around here:

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