Re: Glib::IO

On 29.05.2016 20:25, Jeremy Volkening wrote:
Can Glib::IO be moved into the "mainstream" of gtk2-perl (and CPAN,
etc)? Seems like it's been sitting in git for a few years but is a
prerequisite to use the GtkApplication programming style in new Gtk3
programs (as per the recent thread).

What would need to be done to make it release-worthy?

From my point of view, it would need unit tests and, if applicable,
overrides that cover the most relevant areas of the gio API.  Plus
rudimentary POD documentation.  If you and/or Max would like to work on
this, this would be very welcome, and I would try to support you.

But also note that, if all you want is to have the gio API bound in your
Perl program, you can simply use

    basename => 'Gio',
    version => '2.0',
    package => 'Glib::IO');

This will give you the API that "perli11ndoc" shows for Gio-2.0.

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