Re: Perl-Gtk3-Tutorial

On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 5:19 AM, max augsburg gmx de <max augsburg gmx de> wrote:
Dear Perl-Gtk3 Programmer,

I have created a Perl-Gtk3 Tutorial or better translated the Python
Tutorial from

Is there a possibility to link it (of course after a good proof-reading)
also on (I find
perl is a little bit underrepresented on the gtk/gnome site ;-) or
somewhere else? I missed a good and basic but complete tutorial very
much, when I started learning Perl-Gtk3, so that I think, people would
be very grateful if they could find the Tutorial also on other related


We (the Gtk-Perl developers) don't control the contents of the page that you linked [1].  There's a comments link
at the bottom of that page, maybe you can ask them what it would take
to get a Perl version of the tutorial added to that page.

There have been a few Gtk3 tutorials posted to the mailing list in the
past [2][3], I'll go ahead and add them to the docs page for this
project [4], so that you (and other people working with Gtk3) can
reference them.




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