Re: Question and possibly bugs about string encoding in gtk-perl

On Tuesday, 20 December 2016 16:38:52 CET Boyuan Yang wrote:
This version is in Debian unstable now.

I tested with some non-utf8 locale (zh_CN.GB18030, es_SV aka iso-8859-1, 
zh_TW.BIG5) and UTF-8 locale. None of them crashed, so at least this NMU is 
not damaging too much. We may need some more fixes, though.

As mentioned by Torsten, the name returned by get_name is  encoded in utf8 or 
in x11-compound-text. This does not depend on locale.

Although I don't know which context may lead get_name to return x11-compound-
text. I can only guess that depends on the window manager.

Anyway, I'd rather not leave the patch as-is in Debian, so I'll create a new 
nmu (*) package that implements Torsten's suggestion.

All the best

(*) note to perl-gtk people: "nmu" is Debian jargon, don't worry about it.
--   -o-  -o-   irc: dod at

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