Re: perl-Gtk3 thoughts

On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 9:14 AM, Dave M <dave nerd gmail com> wrote:
Hi all,

I was thinking it'd be really nice to have a central location for all
things perl-Gtk3 - like is for
perl-Gtk2.  Content could include links to demos, tutorials,
real-world uses, contact information, bug reports, etc.

I had an idea within the last year or so to rename the project from
'gtk2-perl' to just 'gtk-perl', with the intention that it would cover
the Perl bindings for both GTK+ versions 2 and 3.  I can't find the
e-mail at the moment, I'll keep looking.

We could stick with SF or move to github (or $other_provider) - plenty
of good, free options to use.  I have no HTML skills, so that leaves
me out.  :)  I will volunteer to help as usual, though.

<project webmaster>
I would rather maintain just 1 web page, instead of two or three.  I
have no preference for it's location or it's name, however, I would
like to do updates in only one place.  I currently do updates in many
places (Sourceforge, Freecode, mailing list).
</project webmaster>

For what it's worth, a good way to find Torsten's public gtk*-perl
repos on GitHub (or mine even) is to push any of the gtk*-perl source
repos as cloned from to GitHub.

GitHub is smart enough to only store one copy of a given repository;
as soon as it finds commit IDs that have already been used, it will
"stack" your public project on top of the existing public project.  So
if you clone from and then push your new clone to
GitHub, your new project will most likely have Torsten's name/GitHub
icon on top of it, at least until the two projects diverge in commit



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