perl-Gtk3 thoughts

Hi all,

I was thinking it'd be really nice to have a central location for all
things perl-Gtk3 - like is for
perl-Gtk2.  Content could include links to demos, tutorials,
real-world uses, contact information, bug reports, etc.

We could stick with SF or move to github (or $other_provider) - plenty
of good, free options to use.  I have no HTML skills, so that leaves
me out.  :)  I will volunteer to help as usual, though.

Finally, maybe it's just me, but I see "gtk-perl" and "perl-Gtk" used
interchangeably.  Not a big deal, but standardization is always nice.

Any thoughts on this?  Any takers?  I think it would help perl-Gtk3
take off more if we had something like this.  Right now, a search for
"perl gtk3" results in a few CPAN and github results.

Dave M

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