Re: Glib::Object::Subclass and Exporter

Domovoy <domovoy errlock org> writes:


That's the fundamental part.  Glib::Object::Subclass is only a front end
to it.  You can register_object() yourself if desired.

      our %signals = (
      our %properties = (

That info just disappears into glib normally, no need to retain it at
the perl level unless it made the setups look much better.

'Variable "@ISA" is not imported' (??).

Full mangling I tried below, in case it helps.

'use parent Exporter;'

That pushes on the end of @ISA if I'm not mistaken, so order may still
be important.

      package Glib::Object::Base;
      *new = \&Glib::Object::new;

      package Glib::Object::Subclass;
         unshift @{ $class."::ISA" }, qw/Glib::Object::Base/;

Yes, something like that, with whatever name for the little extra class.
Maybe Glib::Object::New if a new() is it's only purpose.  Perhaps in
it's own .pm file too, as a multi-inheritance mix-in for similar use
elsewhere too.

Now, the only thing that actually really happens in that 'import' sub is
the call to Glib::Type->register_object.
Does it have to be called _before_ the class definition, or can we do
that in the 'new' sub?

Presumably that would work, but it would mean the hierarchy wouldn't be
established on loading, so a class method Foo::Bar->isa('Glib::Object')
wouldn't be true until the first new().  Probably undesirable usually,
but not actively harmful.

So if Exporter should be avoided in oop, so is import, and
Glib::Object::Subclass is still doing something wrong.

I expect an import() in the class itself wouldn't suffer the same @ISA
order trouble.  But perhaps nobody has ever done that either :-).

Description: Text Data

use strict;
use warnings;
use Gtk2 '-init';
use lib '.';
use Foo;
my $foo = Foo->new;
print "$foo\n";

use Foo 'SOME_CONST';
print SOME_CONST(),"\n";

foreach ('Glib::Object::Subclass',
         'Gtk2::Buildable') {
  print $_,'  ',($_->can('import')//'undef'),"\n";

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