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On 4 September 2012 10:30, kevinphilp <kevin cybercolloids net> wrote:
Quite a few of the examples I use are based on examples from the C and
Python tutorials. I will check out the Vala tutorial and see what I can
"borrow" from their.

I apologize, I clearly wasn't clear.

what I meant was literally making a Perl translation of the Beginner's Tutorial:

this tutorial is pretty good at introducing GTK+ to a new developer
(they have been written by new developers for new developers :-)) and
the docs team is going to expand them with other technologies of the
GNOME platform available through introspection.

the documentation and code are available in Git:

the translation should then go on, and it will be
translatable and available even off line.

this would improve the visibility of the Perl bindings in the GNOME
platform as well.


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You may also want to have a look at the beginners tutorials available on they are for C, Python, and Vala, but they should
be easy to translate to Perl, and would be a nice way to check whether
the Perl bindings are up to speed with the GTK+ API.


On Sep 4, 2012 9:31 AM, "kevinphilp" <kevin cybercolloids net> wrote:

I have started a beginners tutorial on using Perl and Gtk3. The
consists of a series of sample programs, each showing a different
function, along with some written explanation of what is going on and
some screenshots.

I started it mainly to help my son and I learn Gtk3/Perl and have
it on Github for anyone else who might be interested. It is very much
work in progress and will continue that way for the foreseeable

Any comments or constructive criticism welcome.

I have already posted this over at Perl monks.

kevinphilp <kevin cybercolloids net>

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