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Dne 15.06.2012 (pet) ob 14:14 +1000 je BRAGA, Bruno napisal(a):

I am trying to use an application written in Perl/GTK (volwheel
-, but I had some trouble to
display the popup menu on my screen, because I am using i3wm as my
window manager, and it is bringing the menu as a whole (top level)
window instead of a popup. According to developers of i3wm, this
happens because the window type is not properly set. 

I quickly glimpsed at the volwheel's code [1] and popup menu you
describe seems to be just a normal, undecorated toplevel window and is
not a menu per-see.

In i3, all windows with type  dialog, utility, toolbar and splash
windows are defined to be floating (displayed such as a popup on
screen), and all others are displayed as a top level.

Is there any way to come around this problem?

I think this can be solved by simply changing the window type hint to
something from the list above. It should be simple thing to do, since
all you need to change is line 29 in linked file.



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