GTK Menu Window Type


I am trying to use an application written in Perl/GTK (volwheel -, but I had some trouble to display the popup menu on my screen, because I am using i3wm as my window manager, and it is bringing the menu as a whole (top level) window instead of a popup. According to developers of i3wm, this happens because the window type is not properly set. 

Like we have options to define the window type in Gtk2::Window->new($type), can we somehow set the window type for a Gtk2::Menu->new() ?

In i3, all windows with type  dialog, utility, toolbar and splash windows are defined to be floating (displayed such as a popup on screen), and all others are displayed as a top level.

Is there any way to come around this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Braga, Bruno
bruno braga gmail com

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