Button alignment in Gtk2::Tables

I'm having problems with Gtk2::CheckButton->set_alignment when the widget is in a Gtk2::Table.
The attached code (tables.pl) creates a window with a 2x2 table. On the top row are a Gtk2::Label and a Gtk2::Entry.
On the bottom row are two Gtk2::CheckButtons. The first one is supposed to be left-aligned (and is); the second is supposed to be right-aligned (but is left-aligned, like the first one).
It seems that the table is ignoring the checkbutton's alignment within the table's cells. This is a source of great sorrow for me, since I've got a little perl script with hundreds of checkbuttons carefully positioned in dozens of tables. I'd really like to get them all lined up where they're supposed to be!
In this example, how do I move the second checkbutton from the left side of its cell, to the opposite side?

Attachment: tables.pl
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