Re: Gtk3 examples, demo, and man pages

Hi Dave, hi list!

Dave M wrote (17 Jul 2012 11:51:33 GMT) :
I find the biggest problem with gtk3-perl not to be with the speed
of the gtk3-perl folks, but with Linux distros that have either not
built support for it or do not keep current with it. For example,
Fedora still has version 0.004, while it's still wishlist status for
Ubuntu. So even though I'm rewriting my open source project to work
with gtk3, there will be no home for it on Ubuntu apparently...
where most of its users are.

FWIW, next Debian stable release (codename: Wheezy) will have Gtk3
0.006-2 (which is 0.006 + a backported bugfix).

Also, as a member of the Debian Perl Group, I seriously think of
setting up a team to suggest and maintain a comfortable and up-to-date
(Modern) Perl development environment as part of wheezy-backports,
once Wheezy is released.

I would be happy to share the fun and the work with Ubuntu users and
developers to maintain the same stack on wheezy-backports and
precise-backports (maybe picking the packages directly from Wheezy
backports would work 99% of the time, so that uploading to Ubuntu
backports would perhaps not be needed at all). AFAIK, there is no such
thing as an active Ubuntu Perl group, so probably it makes sense to do
most of the work in the upstream distribution, that is in Debian.

As I see it, one part of the work is to suggest, discuss, and
incrementally decide what new package shall be added to the backported
set. Another part is to suggest updates to the backports, by picking
the best, most bug-free released versions. And eventually, another
part is to actually maintain and upload the backported packages.
I'd be happy to do a substantial part of the latter, but I would need
serious long-term commitment and help for the rest.


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