Re: Gtk3 examples, demo, and man pages

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 6:42 AM, zentara <zzmiloschxx gmail com> wrote:
After seeing much discussion about Gtk3 I finally decided
to install Gtk3 alongside my older Gtk2.

The install went well and seems to work, but the gtk-demo,
the examples and man3 man-pages seem to be missing from
the module sources.

I don't want to sound like I'm whipping the developers, but
are these coming soon?  When will the Gtk3 Perl module be considered
finished, and fully ready?

I know the perldoc says converting from Gtk2 to Gtk3 could
be as simple as running s/Gtk2/Gtk3/ on the scripts, but after
delving a bit, it seems that vbox and hbox are now combined,
and IO seems to be handled a bit differently. Having real running
examples would definitely be helpful.

Do you need someone to actually go thru the old Gtk2 examples,
and rewrite them for Gtk3?  I would help doing this, if I could ask
on the list about scripts which gave me trouble in conversion.

Thanks for reading,


If you're interested in helping with examples, I've posted the link to
my stash three times now:
You're more than welcome to help with it.  In fact, I'm doing what you
mentioned - that is, rewriting the examples in gtk3 and reporting
issues I find with them.  I'm hoping they'll be included with future
versions of gtk3-perl.

The next step, I suppose, would be for $someone to write some
gtk3-perl documentation as well, like we had for gtk2-perl.

Yes, it appears vbox and hbox are deprecated.  I've been using
$box = Gtk3::Box->new('vertical', 5);

I find the biggest problem with gtk3-perl not to be with the speed of
the gtk3-perl folks, but with Linux distros that have either not built
support for it or do not keep current with it. For example, Fedora
still has version 0.004, while it's still wishlist status for Ubuntu.
So even though I'm rewriting my open source project to work with gtk3,
there will be no home for it on Ubuntu apparently... where most of its
users are.

Dave M

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