Re: Glib::Object ref-counting change

On 05.01.2012 18:43, Brian Manning wrote:
I don't have a problem with a new branch and a separate release to
coincide with Perl 5.16.  I'll have to make sure I am tracking
branches, but I don't see a problem with that either.  I would also
guess that there is a unstable GNOME release on the same day as Perl
5.16 [1], so I'd already be doing the motions anyways as it were.

Alright, I created the branch "stable-1-24" then. 1.24.x releases should come from there. Bug and test suite fixes should be cherry-picked to it from master (I'll try to take care of that).

And we don't need a stable release to *coincide* with perl 5.16.0. We should just make sure that we have a stable release out with the fix under discussion by the time perl 5.16.0 is released.

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