Glib::Object ref-counting change

I just committed to Glib a change to the ref-counting logic of Glib::Object: <>. As this is a rather fundamental piece of code, I'd appreciate it if people could test this thoroughly, for crashes and leaks.

Brian: I think this change should go through an unstable release cycle before getting into a stable release. But there should definitely be a stable release out with this fix when perl 5.16.0 will be released: it is currently scheduled for 2012-05-16. So, do you think we can squeeze in an unstable series between now and May? Or does this collide too much with the GNOME schedule? The next stable GNOME release (3.4) is scheduled for 2012-03-28.

In any case, we should create a stable-1-24 branch for Glib so that future 1.24.x releases can be created off of it without the above change.

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