Re: cpantesters failure of GtkBuildable in subclass

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

Note the roundtrip from @_ to %arg to a list.

Ah yes.  Perhaps it would save a couple of nanoseconds to pass them
straight through (untested),

   shift;  # our own name 'Glib::Subclass::Object'
   my $superclass = shift;
   my $class = caller;
   Glib::Type->register_object($superclass, $class, @_);

And the "interface" key needs to be in front of, I think,
"properties", befcause in the handling of the latter, the type class
is actually created.

Yep.  Juggling them around in a register_object() bombs.

Is it required that "interfaces" is first in register_object()?
Presumably everyone, me included, has done so or it wouldn't work.

Perhaps for flexibility register_object() could accept any arg order,
and then do its setups however necessary for glib and/or gperl bits
... meaning add_interfaces() first or whatever it is.

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