Re: cpantesters failure of GtkBuildable in subclass

On 03.12.2012 22:35, Kevin Ryde wrote:
But it seems to work for me.  Andreas Koenig suggests perhaps the hash
randomization of perl 5.17.x.  Does that sound likely?

Yes, that sounds very likely. I've run into this before, too. It's due to this in G:O:Subclass's import():

   my ($self, $superclass, %arg) = @_;
   my $class = caller;

      $superclass, $class,

Note the roundtrip from @_ to %arg to a list. The result's order is undefined.

And the "interface" key needs to be in front of, I think, "properties", befcause in the handling of the latter, the type class is actually created. Afterwards, you cannot add interfaces to a type anymore. This is from memory, but something close to this is the culprit.

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