Re: Gtk3 examples, demo, and man pages

On 17.07.2012 13:42, zentara wrote:
I don't want to sound like I'm whipping the developers, but
are these coming soon?  When will the Gtk3 Perl module be considered
finished, and fully ready?

There's indeed no Perl-specific documentation yet, and I'm not inclined to write it. All the necessary information is available on <> and in the file "<prefix>/share/gir-1.0/Gtk-3.0.gir". A nice little project might be to write a viewer for all the information in the *.gir files (which include the actual documentation that ends up on It could use Perl-specific syntax so people don't have to do the translation in their head.

I definitely do not consider Gtk3 "finished" yet. We no doubt still miss quite a few overrides, and there are one or two low-level problems left.

I know the perldoc says converting from Gtk2 to Gtk3 could
be as simple as running s/Gtk2/Gtk3/ on the scripts, but after
delving a bit, it seems that vbox and hbox are now combined,
and IO seems to be handled a bit differently.

See <> for the general migration guide. Anything not covered there could be a bug in the bindings, so please tell us about it.

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