Deletion of unstable Glib 1.25x series files from CPAN

Hi all,

Back when I uploaded Glib-1.250 to CPAN, I didn't use a filename that
would tell CPAN to skip indexing the release file and skip making that
file the current release.

The current stable release of Glib is 1.242.  The 1.25x series is an
unstable series, and not meant for production use.  There's been a few
submissions about 1.250 being used as the stable release, so I will be
performing the following actions at 00:00 UTC on April 10th:

1) deleting the files Glib-1.251.TRIAL.tar.gz and Glib-1.250.tar.gz
2) Reindexing the Glib archive on CPAN.  This should make the current
stable release, 1.242, the release that CPAN downloads for you when
you ask to download/install Glib.

The two files above can be recreated by checking out the source in
Git, and then checking out those respective tags (git checkout
rel-1-25-0 or rel-1-25-1).

Please let me know if you have any questions about this, preferably
before 00:00UTC on April 10th.



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