Re: Replacing Test::WWW::Selenium::Catalyst with Gtk3::WebKit

On 28.11.2011 12:36, Stefan Seifert wrote:
But there's no support for setting struct fields yet.  (You can of
course assign something to $event->key->{keyval}, but that won't change
the underlying event object at the moment.)

So what would I have to do to add support for setting struct fields?
Or if that's too advanced for someone completely unfamiliar with the project,
do you have any suggestion on how I could work around this limitation for now?
I guess it could be done with a couple of lines of XS?

Yeah, a bit of XS should be enough to get a workaround (just write a specialized XSUB for each kind of event you need to create; use gperl_new_boxed to create an SV from an event struct).

I don't know yet how to implement proper suppport. The interface would ideally look like what Gtk2 provides: each event object is automatically blessed into the correct sub-package which then provides the specialized accessors relevant to the event type.

Maybe other gobject-introspection bindings can provide some hints? I'm pretty sure the Python bindings support events, for example.

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