Re: Announcing: Perl bindings for LibSoup

On 24.05.2011 22:54, Emmanuel Rodriguez wrote:
Thanks, it works with the most recent version that's in git.

Good to hear.

Is it possible to mix Introspection bindings with perl module that has
hand made bindings?

Good question. As you mention, the problem will be the lack of typemaps and converter macros. But Glib::Object::Introspection uses the normal Glib mechanisms to convert objects to and from Perl land. So I think the easiest way would indeed be to add libsoup typemaps to your XS module (simply put corresponding entries into your 'maps' file).

But since WebKit also supports gobject-introspection, why not use it that way as well? It's still a little rough around the edges, but here's your example ported to use the introspection stuff.

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