Announcing: Perl bindings for LibSoup


I'm preparing a talk for the French Workshop about Gtk2::WebKit and
after playing with the perl bindings I noticed that the C WebKit API
exposes some LibSoup objects (SoupSession and SoupMessage) and that we
don't have their bindings for Perl. LibChamplain is also based on
LibSoup but its objects where never exposed through the C champlain
API so I was able to avoid the libsoup bindings.

That was until now as I'm planning on using the Libsoup objects for
doing things like resource tracking, therefore I need the Perl

I'm starting by implementing the minimum by hand in order to support
my talk hoping that the introspection framework will be mature soon
and will take over my work.

I do have a question: which namespace should I use for the perl bindings?
Soup is a bit too hight level, Gtk2::Soup seems a bit strange as
there's no widget involved in LibSoup (but that's what I picked for
now as I recycled Gtk2::Champlain to bootstrap my work). I was
thinking of leaving Gnome::Soup for the gnome part of the bindings.

For now the tentative project (a starter) is in github [1] with a fork
of Gtk2::WebKit [2] that will suport the library as an optional
dependency (for now the dependency is mandatory).


Emmanuel Rodriguez

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