Re: Gtk3

On 2011-05-12 at 06:19, Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote:
* Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> [2011-02-27 20:45]:
I should be able to devote at least a full day every week to
work on this.

I see there was moderate activity for a while. Whatâs the status,
purely out of curiosity?

I was able to add hash tables, before ${DAY_JOB} intervened in my
schedule. the missing bits are still:

  â collapsing the length argument for array parameters;
  â introducing automatic pure-Perl overrides, similar to the
    Python overrides in pygobject, to allow Perl-ish API and
    a Gtk2 â Gtk3 migration path.

I'd really like to get back to those two, but contributions are welcome.

then I guess we could start spinning off releases to get more eyeballs
on G::O::I.



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