Re: toolbar relief style

Dave M <dave nerd gmail com> writes:

I'll leave it alone then.

I think the rc "priority" level can let user or theme override,
supposedly.  Level ":application" is probably right for applications, or
level ":gtk" for implementing a widget subclass.

Gtk2::Rc->parse_string (<<'HERE');
style "My_fixed_width_font" {
  font_name = "Courier 12"
widget_class "My__Diagnostics.*.GtkTextView" style:application "My_fixed_width_font"

Making the widget/class/thingie path bit hit the right widgets is fairly
painful, and you only know it's wrong when it has no effect!  The style
properties as such are things like

   GtkWidget::focus-padding = 0

if I remember rightly.

I wear my sunnies day and night ever since I bought an album called
"Full Boar".  There was a picture of a pig wearing sunglasses on the
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