Re: installing Perl Gtk2 on windows xp

On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 12:06 AM, RAPPAZ Francois
<francois rappaz unifr ch> wrote:
Thanks for the comment

I tried to install CamelBox and I updated my perl5lib path to include the modules path from CB, but on 
start, it crashes because it was searching for a perl-5.10.exe (that I had not install)

Is there a page explaining how to have ActiveState and CamelBox cohabiting ?

Again, both software packages can be on the same system, but you can't
really mix and match them like you're trying to do.  Your ActiveState
is a different major version (5.8.x) then Camelbox (5.10.x), this
configuration is untested and unsupported, and I would expect crashes
due to the difference in major versions.

I would stick to using only ActiveState and trying to compile your own
GTK stack (gtk+/glib/pango/cairo), or using only Camelbox (where this
is all compiled for you already).



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