RE: Gtk3

On 23.08.2011 01:38, Konovalov, Vadim wrote:
I can't be happy with 56 ms - my timing is much more pessimistic :(

What's your use case then?  How have you dealt with Gtk2's 
36ms startup time?

well, after I've tried better, I got better results :)

time perl -I/Personal/perl-dev/try-gtk3/Gtk3/lib -MGtk3 -we 1

real    0m0.270s
user    0m0.130s
sys     0m0.130s

I am still bit bothered by huge output of this command:

perl -I/Personal/perl-dev/try-gtk3/Gtk3/lib -MGtk3 -we 'print join ",", sort keys %{Gtk3::}'

because it outputs 621 items some of them are in turn sub-packages!

On the other hand, after thinking a little, I realize that this is not really a great concern.
At least, when this will be bothering me more, I will try to do something with it.

I wonder, what is the approach for other 2 languages, Python and Ruby?


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