Re: Spinning the main loop

Sergei Steshenko <sergstesh yahoo com> writes:

Actually, not only I spin the main loop, I also hide the sensitive GUI
elements which may cause new events, i.e. there is, for example, no
physical possibility to change state of normally existing slider (called
"Adjustment") because the sliders are temporarily hidden.

(Gratuituous self promotion alert :-)
For interest, in my math-image program I restart a calculation on a
change to the gui controls.  But my calculation is only perhaps 10
seconds not a couple of minutes and is easy enough to chunk up under an
idle handler in the usual way.  For a bigger calculation I probably
prefer a child process over a thread, as I've yet to see a threading
system that doesn't put you in all sorts of danger from crashes and
stuff and doesn't in fact hang in certain system calls anyway!

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