Re: Displaying a popup before the main window

Dave Howorth <dhoworth mrc-lmb cam ac uk> writes:

# Process the events so the show actually does something
Gtk2->main_iteration while Gtk2->events_pending;

Beware of a race condition there.  There won't be any drawing until
events get back from the server, and that won't be immediate, especially
for the usual case that a new window goes to the window manager and
back.  If the splash is covered over and re-exposed it'll need redrawing
too, hence the hands-off background pixmap idea.

Personally for startup I've tried to get the main window showing early,
then fill in the guts of it, rather than a splash.  But that only works
on a pre-determined window size, like 3/4 of the screen.  If the size
will be based on the content widgets it's no good.

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