Is Drag & Drop on MS Windows broken?

I have a Linux perl/Gtk2 application which allows drag and drop from either the Linux Desktop or Nautilus to a SimpleList in my perl/Gtk2 application.

This doesn't work when I move the application to MS Windows. I'm using the current camelbox installation on MS Windows.

I've tried a number of different file types for the atom as well.

Does anyone know if this should be working?

code snippet

my $list = $glade->get_widget('file_list');
$file_list = Gtk2::SimpleList->new_from_treeview(
    'List of files' => 'text');

$file_list->drag_dest_set(['all', 'drop', 'motion', 'highlight'],
                                             ['copy', 'private', 'default', 'move', 'link, 'ask']);

$file_list->signal_connect('drag-data-received', => \&receive_drag);

my $target_list = Gtk2::TargetList->();
my $atom = Gtk2::Gdk::Atom->new("text/uri-list");
$target_list->add($atom, 0, 0);

sub receive_drag {
    my ($treeview, $context, $widget_x, $widget_y, $data, $info, $time) = @_;
    my @uris = $data->get_uris;
    foreach my $uri (@uris) {
        push @{$file_list->{data}}, [ "$uri" ];

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