Re: gnome: deprecated libraries

On 06.10.2010 16:34, Mario Kemper wrote:
My question is, what will happen with the existing bindings? How long
will they stay usable. I using GnomeCanvas and GnomeVfs in one of my
programs. Do I need to switch as soon as possible?

Well, the existing bindings won't just go away. And I'm also willing (tuits permitting) to do maintenance releases if necessary. But just as is the case for the upstream projects, there will be no further improvements that go beyond maintenance.

So, as long as you're satisfied with the current feature set, I don't see any urgent reason to switch right away.

What is the best way to use GIO instead of GnomeVfs? Using the
introspection stuff that is available here: ? Will this be included in any
distribution in the near future (e.g. in Ubuntu there is only

Yes, as far as I know, this is currently the only way to use GIO from Perl. The wrapper module Glib::IO is pretty thin, so you can also just use Glib::Object::Introspection directly. But this stuff will not hit distros very soon; I haven't even managed to roll a single release yet. (Help always welcome!)

Of course, anyone is still free to write manual bindings for GIO, sidestepping the whole introspection stuff.

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