Re: Gtk2::Ex::WYSIWYG

Hi again,

Thanks for all that info - I'll hopefully have a slightly newer
version up on cpan early next week (been at a conference for the past
week), and I'll roll the info from this thread into that. My bad with
the warnings - I have a nasty habit of forgetting about those. I'll
shift the class initialisation into the instance initialisation and
make sure I only do it once.

I had to rewrite the tag naming scheme once I decided to support
Gtk2::Spell (optionally) and realised using tag names like 'bold'
might not be all that compatible with other tags people might want to
use. Now all the internal tags start with 'wysiwyg:' and get 'marked'
as belonging to the wysiwyg widget.

I like the idea of separating the toolbar out as a separate widget,
especially since my newer version has two toolbar options - 'fat' (the
original two-line grouped look) and 'flat' (same groupings, but all in
one line). Making it a separate package would make configuration
options for it a lot cleaner.

Now I just need to find a satisfactory method for doing bulleted and
numbered lists. I think even if I find a good display method, I'd have
to reconsider the paragraphing system for that.


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