Re: String Encocoding in Gtk-Perl: Hoping for Clarification

Hi Peter,

Don't know if this is actually related to your problem, but from my
experience GTK or Gnome itself does not support UTF-8 but only single
byte charsets, so you need to convert to a single-byte encoding that
is able to be rendered by Gnome. This is what I do for example:

use Encode;


my $msg = "UTF-8 TEXT";


  my $dialog = Gtk2::MessageDialog->new ($parent,

On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 9:43 AM, Peter Daum <gator_ml yahoo de> wrote:
On 2010-05-09 10:59, Marius Feraru wrote:
Peter Daum <gator_ml yahoo de> wrote:
 print map( {sprintf("%X ", $_) } unpack("C*", $entry->get_text )), "\n"

... you're right - my sample code was only behaving differently because
of the changes in "pack". I thought I had found a simple test case, but
as it looks like now, I don't really know yet what change broke my
program (probably something in Net::LDAP and not in Gtk2-Perl after all).

Thanks to everybody,

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